Abilities are the benefits granted by the McMMO plugin, they can be divided in Active and Passive Abilities.

Active Abilities

Each ability grants a skill-specific bonus, but in return they cause massive durability loss to the items they are associated with. There is also a lengthy cooldown period that follows each use, so use these abilities sparingly as they might be on cooldown when you need them.

NoneBerserk (Unarmed)
SeedsGreen Thumb (Herbalism)
ShovelGiga Drill Breaker (Excavation)
HoeGreen Terra (Herbalism)
AxeTree Feller (Woodcutting) Skull Splitter (Axes)
PickaxeSuper Breaker (Mining)
SwordSerrated Strike (Swords)
10 FeathersChimaera Wing (none)
Any Tool on AnvilRepair (Repair)

Passive Abilities

Passive Abilities are things that happen without the player needing to activate them, such as a chance of a double drop.

UnarmedDeflect Arrows, Disarm, Increased Damage
ArcheryMore Arrows, Increased Damage
ExcavationTreasure Hunt
HerbalismReplant Wheat, Double Drops
AxesDouble Drops, Critical Strike
MiningDouble Drops, TNT Bonuses
SwordsCounter Attack, Increased Damage
AcrobaticsRoll, Dodge
TamingVarious Wolf Improvements
SmeltingFlux Mining